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Robotics Programs for Years 4 and above

Government at all levels recognise the importance of STEM for growing Australia's economy, as automation plays an ever increasing role in our digital future.

Low entry, high ceiling

No experience is required, so anyone can get started and the programs are designed so that all students feel succesful. But extension opportunities have been built in to all the tasks, to keep everyone engaged at the level of their ability.

Robot ready

All the robots are built and equipped with the appropriate sensors. When students finish with a robot, the next one is ready.

Industry standard languages

Students program Lego robots to complete a sequence of tasks, using real world languges of C and Python.

C and Python are text based languages but, to maximise learning, students copy and paste blocks of existing code. This minimises typing, and reflects industry best practice.

Term time and holiday programs

Join the rolling program any Saturday of the year (almost) and come for six hours, spread over six weeks.
Holiday programs run for six hours spread over four days, Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday, and must be booked in advance.

C the Sensors

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Python Wranglers

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Inventors club

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NXT robot equipped with singe touch sensor.

Robot vacuum cleaner.